All in one Bartender's Tool:

Lightweight, sturdy, reliable

All-in-one multifunctional bartender's tool

Bottle Opener - Canadian designed, molded steel beveled bottle opener. Steel-mirror finished and ergonomically designed.

Small Bartenders Paring Knife: Ideal for cutting cigar ends, citrus rind curls, shaving chocolate, lemon/lime zests.

Bright LED Light - Ideal for low light venues such as pubs & nightclubs. Great for lighting up a menu in a darker venue, or for providing light for a customer to sign their credit card slip.

Refillable Lighter: An adjustable butane jet stream lighter that evenly lights cigars and cigarettes. Ideal for lighting bar candles and ignites sparklers in no time when presenting a birthday cake or a bottle of champagne. The Bar-Back can easily fire up a shot of Sambuca that has been chilled and can even be used upside down!

Belt Clip: With the reinforced swivel belt clip, you'll never have to look for your opener again! The unique locking tab allows the Bar-Back to rotate 360 degrees when inserted.

Sleek, ergonomic design makes the bar back a "must-have" for every bartender

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